Лучшие инвестиции, которую мы когда либо сделаем - это инвестиции в команду. Мы верим в то, что людям, которые стремятся изменить реальность к лучшему стоит работать вместе с нами плечом к плечу
Professional photography is a part of your image. I successfully cope with different types of commercial events.
Наши истории
Gulierm Sandos
Sam was working with us smth like a month. We created a great photo report about our places, customers. Sam has a view of a painter and clear ideas of a designer
Miranda Wise
Hello Samuel! Wanted to thank you again! I was really happy working with you. Our wedding memories are reflected fully in your works. All my family says you are a genius!
Marianna Stone
Good photographer knows better! Sam is great. When first we met and I told him about an idea of a project, Sam evolved my ideas in something very special.
Trevor Viewport
Samuel is an artist in photography world. Working in his special style and techniques he is always in trend!